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7-Day Money Challenge

This 7-day self-paced video money challenge is ideal for busy professionals who want financial independence (not just literacy).

Learn alongside national money expert Bernadette Joy using the same steps she used to become a debt free millionaire!

She'll walk you through C-R-U-S-H for 20 minutes a day.

After a week, you'll have a solid plan to move forward in your money!

  • Day 1: Which of these five mistakes are you NOT making again?
  • Day 2: C is for CURATE Your Accounts
  • Day 3: R is for REVERSE into Independence
  • Day 4: U is for UNDERSTAND Your (Net) Worth
  • Day 5: S is for SPEND Intentionally
  • Day 6: H is for HEAL Your Money Wounds 
  • Day 7: You’ve created a solid foundation for your money plan!

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  • Bonus mini-course: Optimize Your Job Search for corporate professionals ($99 value)
  • Bonus mini-course: Build Your Brand On a Budget for aspiring biz owners and side hustlers ($99 value)


  • "I love the concept of owning not only your money, but your time and energy."  
  • "I really like the names of the categories - they immediately frame my thinking around my spending. Great idea!"
  • "Woop! Got the foundation set up and will use the rest of this week to tweak things. Excited to use this...much better than the paper and spread sheets I've been using the past few years ;)"
  • "OMGosh finally starting to click!!! I'm very much a "big picture/sticky note crazy" person that needs to see it all laid out! This makes it easy to see how to close the gap! Thank you Thank you : )"