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Budget Like A Millionaire

Value: $599 / Original Price: $199

TODAY ONLY $99! Offer expires September 30th!

Hi, I'm Bernadette Joy, and I'm so glad you're ready to sign up for this course! My story of paying off $300,000 of debt in three years has been featured on CNBC, TIME, Good Morning America and USA Today!

It was challenging, but it was so worth the freedom that I thought I had to wait until retirement for. Now I'm a debt free millionaire!

From personal experience, I know that the hardest part was knowing where to start, and getting fired up enough to start at all.

This is for someone who wants to

  • stop stressing about money
  • build great money habits long-term, and is
  • motivated to do some real (though simple and practical) planning

I promise you'll be saving and spending like a pro that will only take you 1 hour every month once you learn how!

In this offer, you'll get:

  • Step-by-step videos on how to create your own easy to manage budget that will take an hour a month
  • My personal template for budgeting that I use to manage $1M of wealth
  • Access to ask me questions about your personal situation and solve where you get stuck

  • My guide to 30 ideas to help you crush your money goals

Plus you'll get $400 worth of bonuses today for FREE!

  • My How To Crush Debt course ($99)
  • My Build Your Brand On A Budget course to help you grow your business or side hustle ($99)
  • My Identity Reimagined course to set up your mindset, movement, mentoring and MONEY right for the rest of 2022 ($99)
  • $99 credit towards any programs you join in 2022!

With this much value, it's a no brainer!

If you are looking for a plan to get started and want to hear from someone who walks the walk, not just talk the talk, sign up now!

What People Are Saying:

It feels really good and DOABLE to have a plan (thank you thank you thank you!!!).

Lorrie in Charlotte, NC