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Crush Your Money Goals Flow To Financial Freedom Service Agreement

This Agreement is entered into by and between: Bernadette Joy, LLC (“the Company”) and  Client (“the Client”), whereby the Company agrees to provide training and education services via the Flow $50K In A Year program (“the Program”).

1) Company-Client Relationship

  1. The Client is solely responsible for creating and implementing his/her own results, decisions and actions. The Company is not liable or responsible for any actions or inactions (direct or indirect) that the Client takes as a result of participating in the Program.
  2. The Company does not guarantee specific outcomes (financial or otherwise) for the Client, solely as a result of participating in the Program. The Company will provide education, training, tools, and personalized guidance to the Client, but implementing these learnings is the sole responsibility of the Client.
  3. The Client acknowledges that coaching does not constitute or substitute for legal, financial, tax, or insurance advice, or any other advice from a licensed professional outside the coaching industry.
  4. The Client acknowledges that, while sensitive/personal topics may be discussed, coaching does not constitute or substitute for therapy, counseling, or mental health treatment.

2) Services

The parties agree to engage in a monthly group coaching program. The program includes:

  • Lifetime access to a suite of training videos, exercises, and templates
  • Access to attend the VIP live coaching session held via zoom
  • One private consultation with Bernadette Joy

Classes and coaching will be conducted via video conference (Zoom). Clients will have access to the Company via email for real-time requests, and the Company will typically reply within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Text message support and phone calls are outside the scope of this contract, though the coach may initiate/respond to email or text at her sole discretion.

3) Schedule and Fees

This agreement is valid as of the Purchase Date and the term ends upon the client’s completion of the course

The program investment is $997 USD and is paid-in-full at the point of purchase. Payment plan will be at the discretion of the company.

Credit cards will be securely processed via the registration page (hosted by Kajabi). If the card on file is declined during the payment plan, the Company’s team will notify the Client of the issue via email. Client has three (3) business days to provide a valid card before coaching is suspended (and any coaching missed due to failed payment is forfeited by the Client during that time).

 A full refund will be given if you doesn't flow at least $997 given they:

  • Complete 100% of the course including videos and masterminds
  • Comment on every module and ask at least one question during each the mastermind
  • Create and submit a plan based on our recommendations
  • Implement the plan for at least six months

4) Procedure

The course module will be delivered to the participants via online self-paced modules with access beginning on date of purchase.

The live masterminds will include a brief training topic of the Company’s choice, and then participants will receive laser individual coaching, as requested. Participants are not required to speak but are strongly encouraged to. Participants will have the opportunity to ask targeted questions and receive personalized live coaching. The Company will make an earnest attempt to address the requests of all participants, but personal coaching is not guaranteed. However, if a participant feels they didn’t get their needs met on the call, they can post their support request to the Company to receive additional support. Phone, text, and e-mail support are outside the scope of this contract, but the Company may select to initiate these communications on a very select basis with participants.

The course website will be used for logistical communication and coaching support. Reminders and accountability threads will be posted by the Company and Team, and members are encouraged to initiate posts as well. Bernadette Joy LLC expects a high ethical standard for participation in the Group website. No derogatory, inflammatory, harmful, or discriminatory language will be permitted or tolerated in the group and is grounds for dismissal from the program without refund, at the sole discretion of the Company. No persons will be included in the Group website besides current, active participants in the program, and members will be removed immediately upon program expiration.

5) Confidentiality and Disclosure Policies

The Company-Client relationship is not considered a legally binding confidential relationship (like the medical and legal professions), and thus communications are not subject to the protection of any legally recognized privilege.

The Company agrees to foster an environment of confidentiality and trust within the group. The ethical guidelines of the group clearly state that personal and/or business-related information shared is to stay within the bounds of the group. If a group coaching member is found to be disclosing information about another member without their expressed consent, it will be grounds for dismissal from the program without refund. However, the participants are highly encouraged to promote and advocate for one another outside the group, as long as it doesn’t contain sensitive information.

Bernadette Joy, LLC will not release the names of her Clients publicly, unless given expressed permission to do so (typically in the form of a testimonial request). The Company will never disclose specific coaching topics or situations that reveal the Client’s identity without expressed permission.

6) Ownership of Written Materials

All materials, workbooks, exercises, and documentation included in the Program are the intellectual property of Bernadette Joy, LLC. The Client does not have ownership of this information, which is protected by federal copyright laws. These documents and materials are not permitted to be shared publicly or sold without the expressed permission of Bernadette Joy, LLC. They may be shared with trusted friends and family, for the purpose of the Client getting supported on their journey, ensuring there is no intent to sell or redistribute.

7) Cancellation/Missed Session Policy

The Client will attend the group sessions at their discretion and within their availability. Clients are not required to notify the Company if they cannot make a session, though they may choose to do. The Client is responsible for the full payment of the program, even if they elect to miss sessions during the program.

8) Record Retention Policy

The Client acknowledges that the Company has disclosed his/her record retention policy with respect to documents, information and data acquired or shared during the term of the Company-Client relationship. Such records will be maintained by the Company in a format of the Company’s choice (print or digital/electronic) for a period of not less than 5 years.

9) Early Closure

The Client is responsible for the full fee, even if they choose to abandon the program early. The program is designed to help Clients keep the commitment to their goals and stay on track even when they want to quit (which can occur when a person is transforming their life).

Bernadette Joy, LLC does not issue refunds of previously settled funds. Any payment not made when due will be turned over to a collection agency, within 30 days of payment not being received.

If the Company in its sole discretion feels that working together is not benefiting the Client, or if the Client is not following through with recommendations provided by the Company, the Company may close the coaching relationship at any time upon Ten (10) days written notice to the Client. In this case, any fees that the Client has already paid for future Companying will be refunded based on a pro-rated basis of unused time. In the event Client owes any fees to the Company at the time of termination, Client will pay them immediately within ten (10) days of termination.

10) Limited Liability

Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, the Company makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind or nature, express or implied with respect to the coaching services negotiated, agreed upon and rendered. In no event shall the Company be liable to the Client for any indirect, consequential or special damages. Notwithstanding any damages that the Client may incur, the Company’s entire liability under this Agreement, and the Client’s exclusive remedy, shall be limited to the amount actually paid by the Client to the Company under this Agreement for all coaching services rendered through and including the termination date.

11) Entire Agreement

This document reflects the entire agreement between the Company and the Client, and reflects a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This Agreement supersedes all prior written and oral representations. The Agreement may not be amended, altered or supplemented except in writing signed by both the Company and the Client.

 12) Dispute Resolution If a dispute arises out of this Agreement that cannot be resolved by mutual consent, the Client and Company agree to attempt to mediate in good faith for up to 30 days after notice given. If the dispute is not so resolved, and in the event of legal action, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover attorney’s fees and court costs from the other party.

 13) Severability

If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. If the Court finds that any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it would become valid and enforceable, then such provision shall be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited.

 14) Waiver

The failure of either party to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver or limitation of that party's right to subsequently enforce and compel strict compliance with every provision of this Agreement.

 15) Applicable Law

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina, without giving effect to any conflicts of laws provisions.

 16) Binding Effect

This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective successors and permissible assigns.


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