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classes collaboration summit May 29, 2020

Two exciting things happened this week!

First, I'm partnering with nine of the best money masterminds around to create a summit that will change your future! The trick though is to not only participate in the summit, but to take some serious action after you learn from these amazing experts! My friend Hans, aka the Investing Tutor put together this dream team because we all are money nerds, but most importantly we care about people!

Learn more: https://www.theinvestingtutor.com/wealth-legacy-summit

Second, I was on Charlotte Today again, this time with Eugene Robinson, who also happened to celebrate a birthday this week! Happy birthday Eugene! We talked about the three C's you can start with to pay off debt, even if you're stuck at home!

Watch now: https://www.wcnc.com/article/entertainment/television/charlotte-today/crush-your-debt-with-three-simple-steps/275-53450b1e-91e8-4b60-aba0-df7310af21d9

Grateful for these amazing men who are changing people's lives by sharing their platforms and bringing messages of hope to people all over!

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