• Not enough moolah for your dream adventures?
  • Endless bills doing the cha-cha with your earnings and energy?
  • Falling behind in the money game with daily decision fatigue?
  • Guilt for splurging on your hard-earned treats?
  • Unhelpful advice from people that don't care about you?
  • People who care about social status more than human connection?
  • Wasting precious time on worry instead of living your best life?

CRUSH Your Money Goals® is a personalized training program for leaders to clarify and simplify their money plan, transform their money habits, beat burnout and reach financial freedom decades sooner.

“I want to train my nieces & nephews to view money they way that I now do as a result of my time with Bernadette. It's the best inheritance I could leave them.” 

Erin, Educator 

Chicago, IL

“I have literally rewired my brain so that my relationship is much healthier when it comes to my financial freedom!"  

Caitlin, Strategist 

Charlotte, NC

"The women in this group are so motivating. I love our weekly calls and hearing and learning from everyone.”

Lindsey, Talent Executive

New York, NY

  • 🌟 Your finances are so organized; you actually smile when you look at them.

  • 🚀 You navigate money decisions at double speed, saving you loads of time and energy.

  • 💰 Your hard-earned cash is no longer on a disappearing act; it's thriving and multiplying.

  • 💡 You're the lender and not the borrower, where you attract the right people and opportunities instead of chasing them.

  • ⚡️ You increase your impact in your community because you can afford to be generous with your time and money.

  • 🌈 That wild dream you thought was just a fantasy? It's on the agenda now, thanks to your money plan.

  • 🏆 You stand tall, proud that your money is now moving according to the promises you kept to you and your future self!

    Let's transform your financial story where your past isn't the main character. You are the lead!💸✨


No snoozy, old-school, or one-size-fits-all money advice here! I've been told I'm better than AI because I treat you like a human and not a number.

🚀 I'm not just your average financial coach; I'm the money magician who waved goodbye to $300,000 of debt in a mere 3 years and crafted a cool $1.5M in investments for an early retirement siesta! 💸

If accolades matter to you, I have two business degrees and a psychology degree. I'm an expert contributor for CNBC, Forbes and CNET and I've spoken on platforms including Good Morning America, FinCon and South By Southwest as the new generation of personal finance innovation.

Ready to kick fear and shame to the curb? I'm all about turning your money plan into peace – rich, breezy, and a sprinkle of financial joy!

🌎 Join the thousands of savvy minds I've coached globally. Together, we're saying farewell to debt, saving and investing thousands, and rewriting financial futures with my 5 genius strategies to Crush Your Money Goals®! 💰


  • 🌟 Ditch the amateur hour with your money moves
  • 💰 Pump up that cash in the bank like a financial superhero!
  • 🔥 Crush debt like you're on a debt-demolition mission!
  • 📈 Start investing smarter and faster than ever before!
  • 💪 Fix those financial habits without the big sacrifices!
  • 🌈 Afford the life you've been daydreaming about!
  • 🚫 Let go of excuses – it's time for real progress!


Financial Plan Clarity: Build confidence to lead your financial journey with a simple, specific money plan

Investment Roadmap: Navigate towards a $100,000 or more with a clear plan for early retirement investments.

Personalized Savings Strategies: Save thousands with customized plans tailored just for you.

Fast-track Debt Payoff: Slash debt and boost your credit score, reaching financial freedom sooner.

Emergency Fund Bliss: Bid farewell to stress with savings set aside for life's surprises.

Budgeting Like A Leader: Master budgeting with a fun, simple, repeatable monthly routine.

Millionaire Mentorship: Learn from a real expert, empathizing with your money matters like a human.

CRUSH Your Money Goals®

Get a jaw-dropping $100,000+ in value – but hey, we're letting you in on the party for only $1,297! 

Use code CALMTHEBUCKDOWN to save $300! That's only $10 a day to a better financial future! Expires May 1, 2024

  • 🗺️ Immediate access: A head start on the lessons as soon as you sign up!
  • 🚀 Steal My Millionaire Blueprint: The exact checklist to organize, invest + boost that income!
  • 💸 $100,000 Starting Point: Dive into action with a guaranteed $100,000 worth of immediate money plan steps.
  • 🚀 Deep Dive Money Review: I'll personally review your entire financial picture – valued at $1997!
  • 🗺️ Step-By-Step Instructions: Weekly lessons to keep you accountable at your own pace.
  • 🔄 Lifetime Access: Got busy? No worries – catch up with access to the blueprint lessons and future updates.
  • 💪 Financial Leadership: The habits to manage your money like a millionaire, not an amateur!

Need help increasing your income? These are included, too!

  • 📝 Recruiter-Proof Resume Template and Interview Guide: Supercharge your job search – valued at $397!
  • 💼 5 Secrets to Scaling a Side Hustle: Go from $0 to six figures and build a biz brand on a budget – valued at $97!

Grab your bonus membership into the CRUSH Club! This community membership provides accountability, empathy, and motivation from leaders around the world, led personally by your millionaire mentor. (Regular price: $500/month)

  • 🙌 3 Months Of Hands-On Coaching and Q&A: Learn live on Tuesdays at 8PM ET and/or Sundays at 8:30AM ET
  • 🌟 Monthly Habit ChallengesAccountability challenges to strengthen your money habits and win prizes!
  • 🎓 12 Bonus Expert Lessons: Learn from my team of vetted experts on side hustles, taxes, relationships mental health, and more – valued at $997!

Curate Your Accounts: 

Lead your finances instead of letting them lead you. Clean up the accounts that are costing you peace and prosperity.

Reverse Into Independence: 

Know exactly how much you need to save, make and invest, not just copying other people.

Understand Your Net Worth: 

Expertly review your investments, cash, debts, and properties to minimize taxes and maximize returns.

Spend Intentionally: 

Build the money habits you need to sustain the rest of your life to live a life of intention and freedom.

Heal Your Money Wounds: 

Address the worries that keep you from taking the actions you need to crush your money goals.

“Continue! Continue! Continue Bernadette!!! You are always looking to create more opportunities for us to learn and grow."

Greta, CEO of Esther Enterprises 

Franklin, VA

“My legacy will be one of kindness, philanthropy and impact. That has always been my goal, but this program has given me a game plan to get there.” 

Darlene, Attorney 

Charlotte, NC


"I met her when my 2021 goal was to get my finances in shape. She’s helped me pay off over $30k in debt and grow my net worth at the same time."

Marie Matthews, Interior Designer 

Charlotte, NC

"Being able to explain my financial situation to someone who is my age, has gone through similar financial struggles and who provides nothing but support and encouragement was the boost I needed to make things happen." 

Quinn, Strategic Business Developer 

Durham, NC

"I’m not alone on this financial journey. The wonderfully diverse group of women that I have had the privilege of working with have inspired me, made me cry and made me laugh. We have all grown in different, but very important ways." 

Angela, Publicist 

Somerset, KY

Hesitation? Let's help you decide quick. ✨

  • 🚫 Stop following the plan of the patriarchy?
  • 🌪️ Be the leader that breaks generational curses?
  • 🌱 Grow wealth and emotional health?
  • 🚦 Be the lender instead of the borrower?
  • 🌈 Keep promises to you and your future?