• Wondering where all your money went, even if you make good income
  • Getting money advice that doesn't take your unique goals and circumstances into account
  • Anxiety on if you're making money mistakes
  • Guilt for spending on things that you enjoy
  • Being stuck at your current income level and knowing you could be making more
  • Not enough time to spend with people you love
  • Working because you have to, not because you want to

Plan your escape to financial independence!

Crush Your Money Goals® is an academy for recovering workaholics to build money plans to make work optional, and even retire early!

  • Learn directly from a self-made millionaire to ditch debt, save, invest and reach financial independence decades faster than the patriarchy prescribed.
  • Grow through  our behavior based approach to not only increase your money knowledge, but to apply sustainable habits for the rest of your life.
  • We are a safe space, especially for women and communities of color, who are often overlooked in traditional financial education. 
  • Most importantly, we will never sacrifice your mental health, shame or judge here.

“I have literally rewired my brain so that my relationship is much healthier when it comes to my financial freedom!"  

Caitlin, Strategist 

Charlotte, NC

“I want to train my nieces & nephews to view money they way that I now do as a result of my time with Bernadette. It's the best inheritance I could leave them.” 

Erin, Educator 

Chicago, IL

"The women in this group are so motivating. I love our weekly calls and hearing and learning from everyone.”

Lindsey, Talent Executive

New York, NY

  • You knew how to reach money goals like investing, paying down debt, buying real estate, taking care of family and retiring early
  • You had a clear, simple plan to follow that didn't restrict and instead made room for things like vacations, eating out and enjoying life
  • You could make all your money choices with confidence
  • You stopped wasting time and energy doing admin you hate
  • You worked less AND made more money
  • You knew what and how to invest in causes that matter to you
  • You could spend what you want without guilt

I've taught over 3,000 students since March of 2020, and have appeared on CNBC, TIME, MarketWatch, Good Morning America and Business Insider.

I have three degrees (thus why I know a thing or two about paying off student loans), and my 15 years of expertise in business and psychology helps you overcome the mental and emotional stress that comes with getting good with money. 

If you're tired of generic, traditional money advice and want to personally learn from a nationally recognized money coach who paid off $300,000 of debt in 3 years and built $1M of investments to retire early, welcome!


  • Want a clear plan to follow from a woman who walks the walk
  • Are done acting like an amateur with money
  • Want to stop the cycle of self-doubt
  • Find the idea of being debt free inspiring
  • Want to become work optional in the next ten years or less
  • Believe in sharing wealth and helping people around you
  • Are ready to make more money AND work less
  • Want to invest real money and more than ever before
  • Believe you deserve more than a life worrying about money!


How to crush money stress and un-learn unhelpful habits

Exactly how much you need in savings to eventually stop working if you wanted to

 How to save more money towards your biggest goals, even if they seem unattainable

 Pay down stressful debt faster like credit cards, cars and student loans

A simple and easy to follow money plan that takes less than an hour per month

Conquer tough money conversations with partners, family and friends

Build multiple income streams, both passive and active


(PAY $600 One-Time Tuition)

  • The exact money plan you need to manage all your finances for the rest of your life in less than an hour per month [PRICELESS!]
  • Step-by-step video tutorials to organize all of your money accounts, plan your monthly spending and find thousands of dollars in savings [$8,000 value]
  • Unlimited access to the Crush Your Money Goals Academy with over 30 classes that are key word searchable [$2,000 value]
  • Personal templates and tools with tutorials to help you organize, budget, pay down debt, invest and more [$1,000 value]

BONUSES ENDS Sept 30! Sign up today for

  • A personal audit with millionaire coach Bernadette of all your current finances including your assets, debts, income and coverages [$1,000 value]

  • Lay out your exact money plan with at least $10,000 of immediate action steps [$10,000 value]

  • 4 additional group coaching sessions ($500 value)

  • Discounted member rate for next six months of consultations with Bernadette [up to $6,000 in savings]

Over $30,000 of value delivered to you! That's a 50x return on your investment!


How to start investing like a millionaire

Grow six figures of income without selling your soul

Pay off your next $10,000 of debt in less than a year

The blueprint to manage all of your finances in less than an hour per month

“My legacy will be one of kindness, philanthropy and impact. That has always been my goal, but this program has given me a game plan to get there.” 

Darlene, Attorney 

Charlotte, NC

“Continue! Continue! Continue Bernadette!!! You are always looking to create more opportunities for us to learn and grow."

Greta, CEO of Esther Enterprises 

Franklin, VA

"I’m not alone on this financial journey. The wonderfully diverse group of women that I have had the privilege of working with have inspired me, made me cry and made me laugh. We have all grown in different, but very important ways." 

Angela, Publicist 

Somerset, KY

"Being able to explain my financial situation to someone who is my age, has gone through similar financial struggles and who provides nothing but support and encouragement was the boost I needed to make things happen." 

Quinn, Strategic Business Developer 

Durham, NC


"I met her when my 2021 goal was to get my finances in shape. She’s helped me pay off over $30k in debt and grow my net worth at the same time."

Marie Matthews, Interior Designer 

Charlotte, NC

What's your hesitation? Let's address your doubts.


($499 ONE TIME)


  • Unlimited access to over 20 classes and recordings in our library

  • Personal templates and tools

  • Discounted access to future live events





($499 /MONTH)


  • Live weekly group masterclass taught by Bernadette

  • Access to meet other money experts in investing, small business and more

  • Access to weekly office hours with Bernadette

  • Discounted access to future live events

  • Unlimited access to over 20 classes and recordings in our library

  • Personal templates and tools



($999 /MONTH)


  • Daily access to Bernadette via voice messaging

  • Monthly money review with Bernadette

  • Live weekly group masterclass taught by Bernadette

  • Access to meet other money experts in investing, small business and more

  • Access to weekly office hours with Bernadette

  • Free VIP access to future live events

  • Unlimited access to over 20 classes and recordings in our library

  • Personal templates and tools

  • Stop letting money rule your life?
  • Afford the life you know you deserve? 
  • Find freedom in your finances?
  • Stop tedious tracking and boring tasks?
  • Grow your wealth and emotional health?
  • Break generational curses and build generational legacy?