• Not having a clear plan for the money you work hard to make
  • Confusion about money advice you've heard
  • Arguing about money with your family and with yourself
  • Being overwhelmed by all the money choices you face daily
  • Guilt for spending on what you want
  • Knowing you need to invest more for the future, but you don't know how
  • Feeling lost on what your next money move should be

Crush Your Money Goals®

is a 90-day boot camp for independent thinkers to create sustainable money habits and build financial confidence.

“I have literally rewired my brain so that my relationship is much healthier when it comes to my financial freedom!"  

Caitlin, Strategist 

Charlotte, NC

“I want to train my nieces & nephews to view money they way that I now do as a result of my time with Bernadette. It's the best inheritance I could leave them.” 

Erin, Educator 

Chicago, IL

"The women in this group are so motivating. I love our weekly calls and hearing and learning from everyone.”

Lindsey, Talent Executive

New York, NY

  • You cleared out all the clutter in your finances
  • You had a fresh start to move forward
  • You had one place to keep track of everything
  • You stopped wasting money and felt excited about your spending
  • You knew exactly how much you needed to save and invest every month
  • You made money decisions 10 times faster
  • You were proud of how well you manage your money on your own (without a finance bro)

I'm a nationally recognized money coach who paid off $300,000 of debt in 3 years and built $1M of investments by 37 years old. I was named one of the top 25 new influential voices in money by NextAdvisor in Partnership with TIME magazine.

I can't stand the boring, patriarchal money advice I'm sure you've heard, too. Join the 3,000+ students I've had since January 2020 who've paid down debt, saved and invested thousands of dollars and changed their financial futures with my 5 signature strategies of the Crush Your Money Goals plan!


  • You want a clear path and focus on YOUR goals (not what the patriarchy prescribed)
  • Are done acting like an amateur with money
  • Want to stop the cycle of self-doubt
  • Find the idea of being debt free inspiring
  • Want to invest more as a woman in control
  • Believe you deserve more than a life worrying about money!


Organize all your accounts into one automated view

Apply the financial independence rules with simplicity

Pay down debt faster and boost your credit score

Decide how to invest your next $10,000 or more

Face fears and create sustainable spending and investing habits

Conquer tough money conversations with partners, family and friends

A simple-to-follow spending plan that takes less than an hour per month

The 90-Day Crush Bootcamp ($1,297)

Early Start Now! Program kicks off July 1 through September 30, 2023

  • Own your exact money planning routine for the rest of your life simply and efficiently

  • Implement $10,000 of your next immediate money plan action steps

  • Keep you on pace and accountable on the new money management skills you wish you had with 12 weekly lessons

  • Clarify any confusion with 3 live trainings on Fridays at 12PM ET on July 7, Aug 4, and Sept 8 

  • Get answers to your unique money challenges with 3 live worthshops on Sundays at 8:30AM ET on July 9, Aug 6, and Sept 10

  • Review and refresh anything you forget or missed with recordings of everything

  • Organize, budget, pay down debt, invest and increase your income with proven templates, checklists and tutorials

  • Crowdsource ideas, inspiration and motivation with the 2023 Crush Crew Community

  • Maintain the confidence that you are managing your money like a millionaire and not an amateur

SAVE $300 off + $3,000 in bonuses if you sign up today:

  • Two bonus worthshops in June
  • The Millionaire Mastermind Course with experts on side hustles, taxes, mental health and more
  • How To Optimize Your Job Search Course

  • How To Build Your Brand on A Budget Course

  • Budget Like A Millionaire Course

  • Personal live audit and planning session with millionaire coach Bernadette of all your current finances

Curate your accounts

Redefine your financial goals

Understand your investments

Spend intentionally

Heal your past money wounds

“My legacy will be one of kindness, philanthropy and impact. That has always been my goal, but this program has given me a game plan to get there.” 

Darlene, Attorney 

Charlotte, NC

“Continue! Continue! Continue Bernadette!!! You are always looking to create more opportunities for us to learn and grow."

Greta, CEO of Esther Enterprises 

Franklin, VA

"I’m not alone on this financial journey. The wonderfully diverse group of women that I have had the privilege of working with have inspired me, made me cry and made me laugh. We have all grown in different, but very important ways." 

Angela, Publicist 

Somerset, KY

"Being able to explain my financial situation to someone who is my age, has gone through similar financial struggles and who provides nothing but support and encouragement was the boost I needed to make things happen." 

Quinn, Strategic Business Developer 

Durham, NC


"I met her when my 2021 goal was to get my finances in shape. She’s helped me pay off over $30k in debt and grow my net worth at the same time."

Marie Matthews, Interior Designer 

Charlotte, NC

What's your hesitation? Let's address your doubts.

  • Stop letting money rule your life?
  • Afford the life you know you deserve? 
  • Find freedom in your finances?
  • Stop tedious tracking and boring tasks?
  • Grow your wealth and emotional health?
  • Break generational curses and build generational legacy?