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I Schooled Mario Lopez on Money



Yes, this is me on television zooming with Kit Hoover and Mario Lopez on national television. The segment on NBC's Access Daily aired on Monday! Why this was one of the most nerve wrecking moments of my life:

  • Two weeks ago, I posted on my social media about Zack Morris and AC Slater. The next day, a producer from NBC emailed me and asked if I would be interested in being on TV with Mario Lopez. I thought this was fake. It wasn't.
  • Rather than do a typical TV interview, they wanted me to host a game show segment between the two hosts. I've never done that on TV before!
  • In helping to write the segment, I was feeling imposter's syndrome BIG TIME. I honestly didn't think it would make it.
  • When I actually saw Mario on my zoom meeting, I stopped breathing. When he pretended to take off his shirt, I pretty much blacked out.
  • As the segment progressed, everything totally went off script and I found...
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Why women need their own credit

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021

Whether you're single or married, young or old, it's imperative you have your own credit – here's why

Bernadette Joy, founder of Crush Your Money Goals, knows firsthand the challenges that come with a lack of credit. Joy hadn’t used credit in some time when she purchased her home, so she had no credit score.

“It’s not that I’m bad with finances – it was quite the opposite,” Joy said. “I had no credit score because I put myself in a position to not rely on debt. I was still able to purchase the home, but I had to get the mortgage manually underwritten.”

Read the full story:


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Get over yourself and start budgeting

charlotte today interview Apr 09, 2021

I was on Charlotte's top morning television show to discuss 3 excuses you need to get over when it comes to budgeting!

Watch the replay here from WCNC Charlotte Today!

Ready to tackle your budget for real? I teach my class with SkillPop and it's actually fun [who woulda thought?]

Sign up here!

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Overspent During the Holidays? Here’s How to Get Back on Track

Nearly a quarter of Americans (22%) were expecting they would carry debt into the new year due to holiday shopping, according to a recent NextAdvisor survey. This is on top of existing debt: the average credit card balance per American is $6,194, according to Experian.

Overspent During the Holidays? Here’s How to Get Back on Track

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Never be ashamed of having a partner who believes in you

cnbc marriage television Dec 22, 2020

Ironically this piece was published on CNBC on February 26, 2020, my birthday, and it felt like the worst present in the world.

The title alone made me feel totally embarrassed: 

My partner earned three times my salary—here’s how we made it work

I had no idea that this was an angle they were going to take when I walked into NBC studios in New York City in January [btw that feels like a lifetime ago].

When I saw it, I didn't know what to make of it. While it was technically true at the time, I felt it totally discounted my entrepreneurship journey, and the times before when I had supported his career shifts as well.

But as I thought more about it, I realized I had NOTHING to be ashamed of. I have a husband who has always supported my goals, and had faith [more than I had in myself], that I was going to be successful. I'm so grateful he was willing to give me the time and space to figure out how.

It turns out AJ was right -- this month I surpassed his income...

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My favorite free content with Sheri Lynch on The Oddcast

podcast Dec 21, 2020

Since there's ten days left in 2020, I'm sharing my favorite media appearances to learn how to crush your money goals, FOR FREE!

Day 1/10 -- The Oddcast Podcast with Sheri Lynch

Fun fact -- Sheri Lynch is my FAVORITE radio personality in Charlotte. When she asked me to join her on The Oddcast about crushing debt, I totally had to calm myself down from fangirling.

I respect her so much for how she stands up for her beliefs and what a role model she is to be an unfiltered, unapologetic woman in a male dominated industry.

We talked about financial security in the pandemic, how we often undervalue our skills, and the trap of confusing net worth for self worth.

Another fun fact -- my therapist was very excited when she heard me on this. I think that wins me brownie points in life.

Listen Here:

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I can't believe this happened!

classes Dec 10, 2020

I launched my new VIP course on Friday, and it's a doozy. It's $1,000 to sign up. On Monday, it sold out.

Here's the best part though. When I look at the roster of people taking it, I have to pinch myself.

There are C-suite women [real ones, not just what they call themselves on LinkedIn].

There are a few of my best debt crushers.

There are award-winning authors.

There are media mavens.

Best of all, they are all AMAZING HUMANS, and I can't wait to help them FLOW their finances, so they can do what they do best.

I didn't expect it to sell out this fast!

I opened up three more seats! Be a part of this amazing new tribe.

Learn how to FLOW $50K IN A YEAR!

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Quiz: Should You Pay Off Debt or Save Money?

articles Dec 01, 2020

Thanks Taylor Moore and NextAdvisor for creating this quiz based in part from my experience!

Deciding whether to save or pay off debt isn’t an easy choice — in fact, it’s highly contested. 

On one side, financial experts argue that you can and should do both at the same time. “Delaying your start date for years because you’re focused on debt can have serious long-term repercussions. The rest of your life isn’t ‘all or nothing,’ and your money doesn’t have to be either,” Erin Lowry, author of the “Broke Millennial” book series, recently wrote. 

On the other side, pausing investments to focus on debt worked out for Bernadette Joy, a financial coach and founder of Crush Your Money Goals, who paid off $300,000 in debt using this strategy and others. 

Combined, saving money and paying off debt will get you to financial freedom — or at least financial stability. But inevitably,...

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We're On The Doctors TV!

interview television Nov 30, 2020

Watch the full interview on CBS!

If you have out of control debtThe Doctors may have the solution on how to "CRUSH" it!

We welcome Bernadette Joy Maulion, who was once had $300,000 in debt, due to student loans, mortgages, car loans, and credit cards. She was able to pay off all of her owed money in just 3 years and is sharing how others can do it with her CRUSH method. 


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Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020

Recently, a well-known financial advisor reached out to me to "collaborate."

I offered him the opportunity to sponsor one of money classes. After all, he said he loved to help educate people on money.

His response: he wasn't really looking to serve younger people. He only wants to meet people who were "ready to play" aka retiring soon.

He assumed that me and my audience aren't worth his time. He assumed we don't have the $250K minimum investment [we do]. He assumed only young people were taking my classes.

He failed to consider that my husband and I will probably retire before many of his clients will. He didn't think we were headed towards FIRE (financial independence, retired early).

He assumed I only help people pay off debt, when in actuality I'm teaching people how to build wealth.

Because he never asked.

It's all good though. As a millennial, as a minority, and as a woman I'm used to being dismissed by guys like him. It's why I started Crush Your Money Goals.

And it's why I serve...

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