If you love dogs, traveling, having fun AND saving money, read this

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Welcome back to meet another Crush Your Money Goals student and coaching client, Lindsey!

Let me just say, she is a gal after my own heart. She loves wine and her dog, Finn. For the record, wine and dogs are two of life’s greatest joys, but back to Lindsey. Lindsey is a city girl. She is originally from Concord, MA, but now calls New York City her home.

Lindsey came to know Bernadette through her life coach, Colleen Odegaard. Coleen has been a guest speaker in the CRUSH program and is a bad ass in her own right. With Bernadette’s help, Lindsey has taken fear out of her financial equation and has made some huge strides toward her ultimate goal of buying property. She will be the first to tell you that her evolution has been big. “When I started, I had debt, no annual savings and no emergency savings. Now I am debt free, have annual savings and a healthy contingency fund.” Lindsey has also doubled her net worth. Take that fear!

So, how has she got this shit done? Yep, I’m about to say the “B” word again: Budgeting! Ask any of Bernadette’s clients and they will tell you the importance of budgeting, but it is all part of a bigger picture Lindsey now sees.

“I look forward to budgeting and setting monthly goals. I also know it is possible to be a millionaire and that messing up one month doesn’t mean I’m completely off track.” 

While more money in the bank and being debt free are huge, tangible results, perhaps even a bigger benefit of her time with Bernadette is the fact Lindsey is less stressed and more optimistic about the future. “Each month I decide my priorities—even if that is having fun and traveling. I live the way I want to live and save for things that get me excited!” This is huge growth. In the beginning Lindsey didn’t even want to talk about money or look at her bank account. 

It should be noted here, this is a big part of the “Crush Your Money Goals Experience.” One of the first things she tackles is the fear and shame that often surround finances. She calls BS and puts that all behind us and we move forward in a whole lot better headspace than where we started. 

At the end of the day, spending time with Bernadette is about more than just paying off debt. It is also about learning from and being empowered by other women who are on the same journey. Lindsey has seen this firsthand.

“Bad ass women like Bernadette inspire me. The women in this group are so motivating. I love our weekly calls and hearing and learning from everyone.”

Things have changed! She now lives in Chelsea in a beautiful one-bedroom with an outdoor area for Finn. She is now running talent for an energy company that is making strides to provide affordable clean energy to the world. While one goal is to buy property one day, her priorities have changed. She is working towards both short term and long term goals with the major goal of becoming an angel investor.

Bernadette paid off 300K of debt in three years and that is a pretty damn big accomplishment, but an even bigger accomplishment is giving others the inspiration and motivation to accomplish lofty goals as well. Bernadette is creating a strong network of women who help and learn from each other. Now there’s an evil genius!

To find out about how to join Bernadette’s squad of bad asses go to https://www.crushyourmoneygoals.com/.



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