Meet My Budgeting Partner In Crime

classes personal Jun 15, 2020

NOTHING SEXIER THAN A PARTNER WHO WILL BUDGET WITH YOU 🥰 For today's budgeting class, y'all will get the added bonus of meeting the man behind scenes, aka #instagramhusband AJ 🤗 He's not only here to make sure tech runs smoothly, but he can answer what it's really like to plan 💰 with a crazy person (aka me 😜) and other tips! There's a handful of spots left -- join us at 5:30pm ET!

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You will learn how to build your monthly budget to crush your money goals. Starting with busting some of the myths around budgeting, you will walk step-by-step on the tools you need to build your budget, tips on how to better organize your finances, and see exactly how we paid off $300,000 of debt including our house by seeing our real-life budget!

This class will be held via zoom. Participants are not required to be on video or audio, but will be able to engage through live chat!

Ready to crush your money goals with Bernadette Joy as your personal CFO?

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