New Class! Budget Like A Boss

classes Jun 04, 2020

I'm starting a completely new class on June 15th called Budget Like A Boss!

Honestly, I never really thought to teach this as a class until recently. Since the pandemic essentially shut my business down, I converted to online teaching with the help of SkillPop. First, I launched my introductory class "How To Crush Your Money Goals" and surprisingly have now had over 200 people take the class in just these few months. From the questions that I received in class, it became apparent that my next class should be "Credit Card Essentials" because there was just so much information about credit scores, debt and how credit cards can really derail someone's financial goals.B

Through both those classes, it also became very clear that people have a lot of misconceptions about basic budgeting like:

  • You only budget if you have no money, or make little money
  • You have to give up everything that's good and fun
  • If I'm tracking my expenses, I'm budgeting

So, it's time to bust those myths! In this class, you will learn how to build your monthly budget to crush your money goals. You will walk step-by-step on the tools you need to build your budget, tips on how to better organize your finances, and see exactly how Bernadette Joy paid off $300,000 of debt including her house by seeing her real-life budget!

This class will be held via zoom. Participants are not required to be on video or audio, but will be able to engage through live chat! Come join me -- for only $20, it is truly a bang for your buck (see what I did there?)

Ready to crush your money goals with Bernadette Joy as your personal CFO?

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