My partner earned three times my salary—here’s how we made it work

television Mar 16, 2020

On CNBC: This couple paid off $300,000 in debt by living off just one salary—here’s how they made it work

TRUTH 💣 I had mixed feelings about my latest CNBC feature bc we talk openly about the fact that in recent years, my husband AJ has had a higher income. I pride myself on being an independent person, so, when articles focused on this, I sometimes felt bad about myself.

I've also had to face some harsh comments judging my choices, our marriage and our circumstances. These articles usually don't highlight our lives pre student loans, like when I was the breadwinner, and helped AJ pay off debt. It's part of our narrative, but not these shorter articles, though I don't think that would change some people's need to judge anyway 🤷‍♀️

The truth is, I'm proud we have a marriage where we truly consider ourselves equals. In the last ten years, we have had to support one another on not just debt, but career changes, family decisions, health scares, and pursuing our individual dreams. The idea that our money is indeed BOTH our money, has not only transformed our finances, but our relationship. It was not intended when I first talked with CNBC, but they thought that their viewers might find this helpful, so I'm thankful as always for letting us share our story 🙏

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