Nov 16, 2020

Recently, a well-known financial advisor reached out to me to "collaborate."

I offered him the opportunity to sponsor one of money classes. After all, he said he loved to help educate people on money.

His response: he wasn't really looking to serve younger people. He only wants to meet people who were "ready to play" aka retiring soon.

He assumed that me and my audience aren't worth his time. He assumed we don't have the $250K minimum investment [we do]. He assumed only young people were taking my classes.

He failed to consider that my husband and I will probably retire before many of his clients will. He didn't think we were headed towards FIRE (financial independence, retired early).

He assumed I only help people pay off debt, when in actuality I'm teaching people how to build wealth.

Because he never asked.

It's all good though. As a millennial, as a minority, and as a woman I'm used to being dismissed by guys like him. It's why I started Crush Your Money Goals.

And it's why I serve people like me who are tired of being overlooked, too.

Ready to crush your money goals with Bernadette Joy as your personal CFO?

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