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bernadette joy cultivate a new money mindset May 22, 2020


I launched my new business in January to offer money education and media for humans. And yes, I say humans, because I felt the financial industry kept shaming me for having feelings. Feelings of fear, worry and doubt that I couldn't help. "Ignore your student loans that are stressing you out, blindly invest in shit you don't understand, and maybe you can retire someday."

Instead, I'm teaching myself and my community how to acknowledge those emotions, and even use them to our advantage to crush our money goals 💸 WHAT BETTER TIME IN HISTORY THAN THIS TO PRACTICE?! 💪 Totally didn't see this situation coming in January (aka being socially distanced from everyone I ❤️), but it's been the blessing in disguise to show me you can still connect authentically, if you keep in mind we're all humans in the first place 💕

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