Budgeting Is For Boss Babes

bernadette joy classes Jun 26, 2020
HELLO! I'm Bernadette Joy, the Founder at Crush Your Money Goals. We launched January 2020 to teach money planning for humans. What a rollercoaster it's been! Originally intended to be an in-person education and speaking business, we've pivoted 100% virtual to offer fun classes, content and a community membership -- and it's been AMAZING!

Hundreds of people took our classes via SkillPop and companies like Bumble, Skookum, Red Ventures and Grant Thorton are bringing us to their employees. I get to collaborate on money saving content with cool partners like CNBC, Acorns and The Money Manual. And the #debtcrushers community inspire me in ways I never imagined!

Thanks to debt freedom, a husband that believes in me, and love from people like you, I think I'm exactly where I'm meant to be [including being in comfy pajamas most of the time.] Despite the craziest year, I believe we can still make 2020 full of hope and progress! Excited to keep helping you! #crushyourmoneygoals ๐Ÿ’ช

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