classes home buying Aug 21, 2020

A little history:

AJ and I bought our first home together 7 years ago, a 2-bedroom townhouse.

During my "HGTV addiction phase" we found a diamond in the rough and bought another house less than a year later.

By 2016, I found myself in $300K of debt between student loans and mortgages 😥

By end of 2016, my student loans were paid off 💯

In 2017, the townhouse was paid off 💯

In 2019, we sold the townhouse for 40% more than what we paid.

We paid off the house we live in and have a mortgage free home in our thirties. It's gone up $150K more in value since we bought it.

What a relief to have a debt free home during a pandemic 😮

This is not fake news. This was the consequence of deliberately making smart choices over convenient, easy, or prettiest to show off. This was us choosing to build generational wealth instead of more bills to pay.

If you want to be smarter than your average home buyer, register for class on Monday at 5PM ET. I'll be on video, and you can interact with me live via chat. I will teach you all my homebuying and homeowning tips 👍

It's easily worth the $20 to make the biggest purchase of your life, the smartest purchase you'll make in your life 🙌


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