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partnerships podcast Sep 30, 2020

Next Monday, we're kicking off #CLTPodcastFest, which is a first for Charlotte... for North Carolina... and for NPR / public radio!

With more than 40 sessions and 60 amazing podcast speakers, there are so many free and virtual trainings to choose from. Which is why I'm shining a light on them:

Coming up on Monday, October 6 (6-7pm ET)... hosting a podcast is harder than it looks (and sounds!). From show prep to purpose-driven interviews, learn hosting techniques from some of Charlotte's award-winning podcasters including WFAE's Tommy TomlinsonBob & Sheri Radio Show's Sheri Lynch, On Life and Meaning's Mark Peres and [me!] Dear Bernadebt Joy's Bernadette Joy.

Check out the full list of events! I'm speaking on four of them!


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