My favorite free content with Sheri Lynch on The Oddcast

podcast Dec 21, 2020

Since there's ten days left in 2020, I'm sharing my favorite media appearances to learn how to crush your money goals, FOR FREE!

Day 1/10 -- The Oddcast Podcast with Sheri Lynch

Fun fact -- Sheri Lynch is my FAVORITE radio personality in Charlotte. When she asked me to join her on The Oddcast about crushing debt, I totally had to calm myself down from fangirling.

I respect her so much for how she stands up for her beliefs and what a role model she is to be an unfiltered, unapologetic woman in a male dominated industry.

We talked about financial security in the pandemic, how we often undervalue our skills, and the trap of confusing net worth for self worth.

Another fun fact -- my therapist was very excited when she heard me on this. I think that wins me brownie points in life.

Listen Here:

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