What happens when you finally reach your Money Goals

Season #4 Episode #12

We did it! After five years of painstakingly managing our budget, growing our income, and paying down $300,000 of debt, my husband and I reached a goal I thought would take us at least another decade.

We hit our FIRE number. In this episode, I share four unexpected things my husband and I are doing now that we’ve hit our FIRE number.

This means we have enough money in investments to become work-optional, according to the calculation traditionally used by the FIRE (Financial Independence, Relax Early) movement. For us, our FIRE number equates to $900,000, which will generate enough income to cover basic living expenses of about $3,000 per month.

If you’re working toward financial independence, you should know that you will get there if you stay committed to your goals and investing strategy—even if you mess up a few times along the way, like I did. You should also know what happens next.

It’s the last episode of the podcast! I’m so grateful to you for listening to this season of the podcast. I hope to see you on social media and at the Crush Your Money Goals bootcamp!

Bernadette Joy (@bernadebtjoy) is the founder of Crush Your Money Goals® that helps burned out professionals build their escape plans to financial independence, the same way she paid of $300K of debt and became a millionaire in her thirties.

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