Dear Bernadebt Joy

Dear Bernadebt Joy

Hosted by: Bernadette Joy

I was $300,000 in debt including student loans and mortgages, living a lifestyle way above my means. Three years later my family had paid off all of it including our house! Now that I'm 100% DEBT FREE (that's right no...


Welcome to Crush This Debt!

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to our first episode! If you're ready to get out of debt, but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! Meet me, Bernadette and learn a little more about who I am, why we're here and what we...
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How to Not Be a Loser

Season #1 Episode #2

My personal story starts here. I've made some poor decisions, financial and otherwise, just to avoid being a loser. Anyone else buy things they don't need to impress other people? Me, too!  The Bernadette Joy...
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Holy Shit, it's How Much?

Season #1 Episode #3

What did I do?! I loved grad school. Until I realized how much it really cost. What now?   The Bernadette Joy Podcast: Crush This Debt is written, executive produced and hosted by Bernadette and AJ Maulion. The...
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What's Yours is Mine

Season #1 Episode #4

I didn't do this journey alone. Meet my husband AJ and hear what happened when he found out the hole I dug us into financially. The Bernadette Joy Podcast: Crush This Debt is written, executive produced and hosted by...
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The First 100 Days

Season #1 Episode #5

If you want to point your life in the direction you want, it often involves drastic changes. From coming up with a plan, shifting our saving philosophy and creating some new side hustles, our world got turned upside...
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The Big Fight Over Plastic

Season #1 Episode #6

We don't use credit cards anymore, and here we'll talk about how this almost led to the end of our debt free journey. The Bernadette Joy Podcast: Crush This Debt is written, executive produced and hosted by...
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The B-Word

Season #1 Episode #7

The B-Word. No It's not that word you're thinking of. We'll talk about the most important new word in our language of finances and how that set us up to win the battle against debt.   The Bernadette Joy Podcast:...
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We are Family, and We Suck at Finances

Season #1 Episode #8

What do you do when you're on a journey that your family doesn't quite get? We will talk about how our upbringing affected our finances today and the dreaded talks when your family isn't on the same page. The...
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Friends or Financial Freedom

Season #1 Episode #9

It's hard to have a social life when you're focused on paying down and staying out of debt. Sometimes we felt like it was friends or financial freedom. You'll hear if we had to choose and how we made it work.   ...
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A Debt Worth Paying

Season #1 Episode #10

Spoiler alert. We paid off the whole amount. But how did we do it and did we make it with our sanity in tact? Find out on the last episode of Crush This Debt. The Bernadette Joy Podcast: Crush This Debt is written,...
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Crush This Debt Live Event + Bloopers

Season #1 Episode #11

In this very special bonus episode of Crush This Debt, we present to you the audio from our debut live event at CoCoTiv Coworking held Wednesday, August 8. After the audio from the live event, stay tuned for some...
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Debt-Free Inspiration with Molly Purvines

Season #2 Episode #1

I find so much inspiration in other debt-free journeys and am excited to share one of my friend Molly, paid off a ton of debt and still had fun! Who says the debt free life can’t be a fun-filled life?  Listen in this...
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