Dear Bernadebt Joy

Dear Bernadebt Joy

Hosted by: Bernadette Joy

I was $300,000 in debt including student loans and mortgages, living a lifestyle way above my means. Three years later my family had paid off all of it including our house! Now that I'm 100% DEBT FREE (that's right no...


How to be less stressed about money

Season #3 Episode #1

Welcome to a new season of Dear Bernadebt Joy presented by Crush Your Money GoalsⓇ! Our founder Bernadette Joy is answering real audience questions from all over the world!  In this episode, she answers important...
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Should I stop investing to pay off debt?

Season #3 Episode #2

This question is totally contested by personal finance experts. Bernadette Joy shares her personal experience of how she not only paid off $300,000 of debt but how she and her husband became avid investors on their...
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Two Things Might Be Preventing You From Building Wealth

Season #3 Episode #3

Bernadette Joy doesn’t shy away from being contrarian and figured out these two things that most people care about are what was stopping her from becoming wealthy: credit cards and other people’s opinions. To join the...
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Negotiating Your Salary as a Woman

Season #3 Episode #4

  In honor of Women's History Month, Bernadette Joy is teaming up with Pink Mentor Network and Lauren Ansley Comedy Productions to talk about solutions for money, mentorship and morale for women in Corporate! ...
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Most people mess this up on saving and investing

Season #3 Episode #5

Bernadette Joy answers three most common questions:  How can I be more disciplined in saving?  What are the best tools for saving and investing?  Should I change my investing strategy during a crazy time [like a...
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Stop scrimping! Spend on whatever you freaking want

Season #3 Episode #6

Bernadette Joy will never shame you on spending on what you love. What are strategies to curb your spending and how can I still support businesses you love? In this episode, she shares why she doesn’t listen to penny...
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Why (and if) you should get rid of your mortgage

Season #3 Episode #7

Fair warning, this advice is not for everyone. Having a roof over her head that didn’t have rent or a mortgage attached was A GAME CHANGER not only in money, but marriage, business and confidence for Bernadette Joy....
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Can I really be a millionaire?

Season #3 Episode #8

The answer is yes because AJ and I just crossed over our first $1M of net worth, so it's possible! But there's a big IF. You can only build wealth if you're willing to put a plan together and change the way you...
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Dear AJ

Season #3 Episode #9

Meet Bernadette’s better half AJ as he shares his own take on audience asked questions from his unfiltered experience and point of view. Learn how they downsized to one car, combined finances and dealt with managing...
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Building Wealth Within BIPOC Communities

Season #3 Episode #10

Race and wealth are uncomfortably interrelated and in this episode Bernadette Joy shares her practical tips to build wealth in BIPOC communities and why it matters for all of us.    To join the Crush Your Money Goals...
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How Are You?

Season #3 Episode #11

It's the last episode of this season! Thanks to all of you who have listened this far. Here we talk about dealing with the loss of my Dad, what my existential crisis is looking like and how you can level up to crush...
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