Dear Bernadebt Joy

Dear Bernadebt Joy

Hosted by: Bernadette Joy

I was $300,000 in debt including student loans and mortgages, living a lifestyle way above my means. Three years later my family had paid off all of it including our house! Now that I'm 100% DEBT FREE (that's right no...


Get Fit On A Budget with Taylor Calamese, Charlotte FIT

Season #2 Episode #2

You'd be surprised to hear that I had a personal trainer while I was on a pretty strict budget. Because health matters! Think it's too expensive to stay in shape while you're on your debt free journey? Taylor Calamese...
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Decluttering On Your Debt Free Journey with Lianne Hofer, The Clutter Consultant

Season #2 Episode #3

I’m obsessed with decluttering. It’s amazing how much better I feel when my space is tidy and getting rid of stuff always reminds me of how much I could have saved if I didn’t buy stuff I didn’t need! If you were...
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Investing On Your Debt Free Journey with Nicole Milone, Money Counts

Season #2 Episode #4

I know I’m supposed to be building wealth, but where do I start? Our boss babe friend Nicole Milone is an expert financial advisor that will teach us a few things about where to start when it comes to investing your...
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Be A Good Eater (On A Budget!) with Alessandra Macaluso, What A Good Eater

Season #2 Episode #5

I’ll confess, when I was on a budget and on that beans and rice diet, I definitely felt like I was missing out a bit on food. But you don’t have to eat poorly if you’re on your debt free journey! Our friend Alessandra...
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Can You Really Self-Care When You’re Broke? With Rita Garnto, Simple Self Care by Rita

Season #2 Episode #6

When I think of self-care, I used to think of fancy spas and long vacations and well, TOO MUCH MONEY. But our friend Rita Garnto will teach us that self-care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Get some tips...
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Don’t Trip On Your Vacation Budget with Samantha Schultz, Plan Your Perfect Vacation

Season #2 Episode #7

I haven’t taken a vacation in two years (that I was excited about anyway) while I was on my debt free journey. Now that we’re debt free, I’m ready to take that trip! But on a smart budget of course! Samantha Schultz,...
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Frugal Fashion Tips with Style and Image Coach LaShanda Millner-Murphy

Season #2 Episode #8

No you do not have to shop at Wal-Mart and look like a frump when you’re trying to save money. One of our favorite people on the planet, fashion image coach LaShanda Milner-Murphy is going to share her 35 years of...
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Save Money Buying and Selling Real Estate with Kim Snyder, High Caliber Realtors

Season #2 Episode #9

When I bought my first house, and even my second house, I had no idea what I was doing. No one really teaches you the inside tips on the biggest purchase most people make in their lives. But our friend Kim Snyder of...
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Don’t Go HGTV Broke with Michael Claudio, WinRate Consulting

Season #2 Episode #10

Before I got crazy about being debt free, I was crazy about HGTV. I wanted to have that before-and-after reveal of a house, but nobody warned me about ALL THE THINGS that could go wrong! Before you start that dream...
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Saving On Your Big Day! Wedding Money Tips with Alessandra Macaluso, The Real-Deal Bridal Bible

Season #2 Episode #11

Hey, when I got married it was stressful AF and even more expensive. Is it worth it to go broke for your wedding day? Our expert friend Alessandra Macaluso, author of The Real-Deal Bridal Bible will share tips on how...
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No Student Loans For Your Kids! Saving For College with Leo Theriault, Family Wealth Partners

Season #2 Episode #12

If I could go back in time for me and most of my friends, I’d whisper “Don’t take out those student loans!” I can’t go back in time, but for those of you planning to send your kids to college or going to school...
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Paying off $110,000 of debt with Michael Claudio

Season #2 Episode #13

I find so much inspiration in other debt-free journeys and am excited to share one of my friend Mike, who despite job changes, starting a company, having two kids and ALL THE THINGS that could derail someone, paid off...
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